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WordPress Business
Todd Jones

MainWP by the numbers 2018 [Infographic]

Data is all around us. Chances are you look at data every day. Maybe you have a spreadsheet loaded with Google Analytics information. Maybe you double check marketing statistics every day. Making sense of data is a noble quest. In fact, finding the story in the data is more than a noble quest. It helps users see behind the numbers to find out what is happening. Infographics are similar. It allows a pictorial representation of numbers and statistics. Often, infographics become something of a novelty which creates the kind of interest that gets content shared far and wide. We’ve talked

WordPress wisdom from Gremlins
Sebastian Moran

Life Lessons and WordPress Wisdom from Gremlins

Warning: This post may contain Gremlins. With Christmas around the corner, one of the classic Christmas movies is still Gremlins (1984), a mid-eighties mix of comedy and horror, set with a very Christmas theme. With the film’s mix of Frank Capra and Speilbergisms, the setting is a riff of Bedford Falls from It’s a Wonderful Life, even if it does look like the back-lot of Universal Studios. The film is a classic mix of director Joe Dante’s best work and an amazing soundtrack by the late Jerry Goldsmith. Here are the top five life lessons from Gremlins that apply to

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