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Sebastian Moran

The Best MainWP Posts of 2019

Not only are we launching into a new decade, we are leaving an integral one behind. Here are some highlights and the most useful posts put out in 2019. Using the Koko Analytics Plugin on your Sites https://mainwp.com/using-the-koko-analytics-plugin-on-your-sites/ How to Remove all Wordfence Plugin Created Data https://mainwp.com/how-to-remove-all-wordfence-plugin-created-data/ How to Disable Admin Email Verification on Your Child Sites https://mainwp.com/how-to-disable-admin-email-verification-on-your-child-sites/ How to Remove the W3 Total Cache Plugin Cleanly https://mainwp.com/how-to-remove-the-w3-total-cache-plugin-cleanly/ Losing Information by Activating Jetpack https://mainwp.com/losing-information-by-activating-jetpack/ Using WP Optimize Plugin for Site Caching on Your Child Site https://mainwp.com/using-wp-optimize-plugin-for-site-caching-on-your-child-site/ Handy Code Snippets for the Yoast SEO Plugin on your Child Sites https://mainwp.com/handy-code-snippets-for-the-yoast-seo-plugin-on-your-child-sites/ How

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