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WordPress Business
Todd Jones

6 Things I learned from starting a Youtube Show

My friend Davinder had been after me for a while to start a podcast. He even had me on his podcast. In the past couple of years, I frequented a handful and discovered I didn’t mind talking about things I like and know something about. A couple of those podcasts actually recorded a video. I’m a handsome man, so they worked out pretty well ;). When it came time for me to create a podcast, I decided just to do a video show. After all, I wanted to populate my Youtube channel, and I thought this would be a great

Tips & Tricks
Sebastian Moran

How to Disable Automatic Plugin and Theme Updates on your Child Sites

WordPress 5.5 introduced a new automated update feature for plugins and themes. If you are already using MainWP to professionally handle plugin and theme updates for your client sites, then we suggest limiting your clients ability from setting plugins or themes to be automatically updated. Your clients hired you to update and test plugins before being updated and letting them set updates automatically defeats that purpose. If you need examples of why automatic plugin and theme updates are not a good idea then you only need to look at the breaking changes in the recent WooCommerce 4.0 release or the

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