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Todd Jones

Building a toolkit that can help you with your self care

The purring of a cat can reduce stress according to studies. As a matter of fact, the love of an animal can help reduce stress in our lives. To me, there is nothing much better than petting a cat and the cat purring. It is soothing. Studies have also shown that hugs can reduce our blood pressure. Finding things in our lives that help reduce stress is essential, especially in the year 2020. The worldwide pandemic has increased isolation and lack of touch, which makes our mental health more challenging. Self Employed workers like us, already struggle with isolation and

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Sebastian Moran

How to remove the iThemes Security Plugin Created Database Tables

There may be times when you need to change which security plugin on your child site to a different security plugin. In this example, this is going to cover how to remove all of the iThemes Security plugin created custom database tables on your site. All of the iThemes Security plugin created custom database tables; wp_itsec_distributed_storage wp_itsec_fingerprints wp_itsec_geolocation_cache wp_itsec_lockouts wp_itsec_logs wp_itsec_mutexes wp_itsec_opaque_tokens wp_itsec_temp wp_itsec_user_groups The iThemes Security plugin does make it easier than most plugins to remove the created custom database tables in they can be removed when you delete to uninstall the plugin. If you delete the iThemes Security

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