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Q&A with Leanne Mitton website designer and MainWP user

Leanne Mitton has been a web designer for 20 years. She began as a co-op student while in high school, working for Norlink. Following college, she took a full-time job with Norlink. In the year 2004, she found herself with the opportunity to purchase Norlink. Since then, she has been synonymous with Norlink. Leanne is a fan of MainWP, which allows her to use the tool she thinks will work best in each situation. She lives in the lovely town of Thunder Bay, Ontario, in Canada. She enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, and looking for places to explore

MainWP 4.1 released – New Features and Code Changes

The MainWP team has been working for a few months on MainWP 4.1, a relatively big release that includes one of the most significant refactorings and documentation of the MainWP Dashboard and Child codebase ever. This release was internally codenamed “Developer,” but it could have been just as easy to call it “Code Clean-Up,” and we didn’t do this just for fun. These changes were needed to remove spaghetti code and pay off the technical debt created over the years. You may not notice many user interface (UI) changes with version 4.1, but, under the hood, this version has over

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