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Todd Jones

Page Builder and WP Agency Summits take place in October

In the past couple of years, I have found myself watching, participating, and presenting in virtual summits. Sometimes I find them incredibly rewarding. For example, this past weekend, I watched some of Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions. I had the honor of listening to Ramit Sethi, John Lee Dumas, Selena herself, and Laura Belgray. I mean, I have never seen them in person, and this might be the best opportunity I have had to see them. Maybe one day, I will make it to an “in real life” conference to hear one of them speak in person. I have attended two

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Sebastian Moran

Using Diffy Service to Compare Before and After Plugin Updates on your Site

Being able to easily run a visual compare when plugins have been updated on your site and then to make sure that nothing was broken visually can be a very complex process to deal with. But there is a solid service which deals with this called Diffy. Diffy also provides an easy to use WordPress plugin to be able to integrate it with your site. Visual testing allows you to confirm any updates did not break anything visually on your site. You will first need to create an account Diffy. Once you have created an account in Diff you will

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