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Janice Sheilah of WP FeedBack PRO
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Todd Jones

Q&A with Janice Sheilah of WP FeedBack PRO

Today we are talking to Janice Sheilah of WP Feedback PRO. Sheilah is WP Feedback PRO’s social media manager. She also helps handle support. She joined Vito Peleg’s team in 2017 as a virtual executive. She has been working as a virtual executive since 2010. With WP Feedback PRO, she and her team help you manage each stage of your WordPress client projects and cuts 50%-80% of project completion time without having to use tons of different tools. Some of the things you will learn about Sheilah: She is a single mom with a 10-year-old daughter. She works for WP

Tips & Tricks
Sebastian Moran

Useful Code Snippets for WordPress 5.6

The newest version of WordPress version 5.6 was released on the 8th of December. Some of the new features and changes added in the 5.6 release relate to block patterns in the block editor, a new default theme, application password, better video captioning, and PHP 8.0 support. To disable the application passwords feature in WordPress you can use this code snippet; add_filter( ‘wp_is_application_passwords_available’, ‘__return_false’ ); The reason you might need to disable the application password feature in WordPress is that can be a security risk. You can disable the application passwords feature for specific users as well using this code

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