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3 ways to use Audiograms
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Todd Jones

3 ways to use Audiograms + 5 apps to make them

One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to creating content is not distributing that content. Marketer Ross Simmonds says: “Many marketers will spend 20 hours to create a masterpiece and spend 20 minutes to promote it. Then they’re left wondering: “Hmm… Why didn’t that take off? “Distribution folks. Embrace it…” Source So, promotion is key and one way to promote is by using audiograms. Over the past few years, I’ve seen my share of audiograms online. Cool. I never really had a use for them, or so I thought. Then I started regularly creating podcasts, the Storyteller

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Sebastian Moran

How to Disable User Gravatar on Your Site

Gravatar is a hosted service from Automattic which allows you to create an avatar that is used on WordPress sites. If you need to disable user Gravatar on a site for performance reasons you can do so using a couple of free plugins. The first plugin is called Disable User Gravatar and once the plugin has been installed and activated you can disable Gravatar and use a locally uploaded image in the following settings; Settings > Discussion The Disable User Gravatar plugin will also work with a number of avatar plugins such as Avatar Manager. The second plugin is called

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