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Dennis Dornon

MainWP Dashboard 4.1.10 and Child 4.1.8 Update

The 4.1.10 update of the MainWP Dashboard continues where the 4.1.9 update left off, with this update also focusing on usability and cosmetic changes. The cosmetic changes are as follows, for a full rundown, check the changelog. The MainWP Child update to 4.1.8 consists of mostly bug fixes and a redesign of a notice for a rundown of those changes, check the changelog. Dashboard Visual Changes Manage Sites We removed the Screenshot view and made it into an Experimental Grid view for the Manage Sites page. This gives you two screen views from your Screen Options button, Table and Grid,

New Mainwp team member Mustaasam Saleem
Important Updates
Todd Jones

Q&A with new MainWP team member Mustaasam Saleem

MainWP welcomes new team member Mustaasam Saleem. Mustaasam joins the team as Growth Manager for MainWP. His job is to help MainWP grow using inbound and outbound marketing, affiliate marketing, organic, and paid channels. Mustaasam has an extensive background in WordPress including growing various communities and starting WPFounders and WPDiscounts. Today we visit with him to learn a little bit more about his role and who he is. Tell us a little about yourself For those who don’t know, I have been playing around with WordPress for more than 7 years and have worked for a WordPress cloud hosting platform

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