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A smarter way to manage your WordPress sites

Stop letting your sites manage you and start managing your sites.

Get started in minutes with 3 easy steps

Create a new WP site and install the MainWP Dashboard plugin.
Install the MainWP Child Plugin on all your WordPress sites.
Connect all your WordPress sites to your MainWP Dashboard.

Unlimited WordPress sites are always free

Unlimited WordPress Sites

Connect unlimited number of WordPress sites to your MainWP Dashboard.

1-Click Admin Access

Access all your WordPress sites from one place with a simple click.

Centralized Management

Manage all your WordPress sites from one centralized location.

Multiple Backup Solutions

Choose the best solution for managing your WordPress backups.

Plugins and Themes Management

Install, update, delete any plugin or theme on all your WordPress sites.

User Management

Manage all users from all your sites directly from your MainWP Dashboard.

Content Management

Managing content on all your WordPress sites is now as easy as can be.

Uptime Monitoring

Keep an eye on your sites and get instant notification if your sites go down.

Security and Vulnerability Checks

Scan all your WordPress sites for security issues and vulnerabilities.

More MainWP Features

Extend your MainWP Dashboard

Browse our catalog of MainWP Extensions for backups, marketing, SEO, maintenance, security, monitoring and other tools to help you build a better network. MainWP Extensions are WordPress plugins that seamlessly integrate with your MainWP Dashboard.

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As a self-hosted solution, you install the MainWP Dashboard plugin on your WordPress site and not on our private server.

Open Source

With fully auditable, open source code you can be sure we do not track or keep any information about your Child sites.

Code available on GitHub


Some developers like to keep tight control of what is happening with their plugins but we have 100% respect for your privacy.

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