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MainWP Child 3.1.3
Important Updates
Bogdan Rapaic

MainWP Child 3.1.3 Update

Version 3.1.3 introduced one significant change in MainWP Child plugin. The first thing that you will notice is that the MainWP Child plugin is no longer listed in the WP Admin menu as a top level menu item. Starting with this version, MainWP Child plugin can be found in the WP > Settings menu. The reason for moving the MainWP menu to the WordPress Settings is that we wanted to keep client child sites cleaner and make the plugin settings harder to find for all users that are not in charge of the parent dashboard. This update does not affect

What is New in Advanced Uptime Monitor 3.0

Advanced Uptime Monitor 3.0 is out. This version contains a few interesting improvements and a few issues fixes. That is not all, Extension went through a cleaning and refactoring process in order to improve the user experience. New Features Add New Monitor form has been updated. Along with the design changes, Monitor Interval option has been added, so users can set monitor interval from the Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension. This option has been added to the Edit Monitor form also, so this can be changed at any time. In the Uptime Robot settings section, Timezone display has been added so

Bulletproof Incremental Off-Site WordPress Backups

MainWP has partnered with BlogVault to bring you bulletproof incremental off-site backups for all your MainWP Child sites at an exclusive discount of 25% off their normal prices. All you need to do is install the free BlogVault Backup Extension and follow the directions to get started quickly and easily! Get the BlogVault Extension! Why is this an Extension? Why can’t you just give us the signup link? This is an Exclusive discount only for MainWP customers, That is why the signup page is in an Extension and you need at least 1 Child site connected to your Dashboard. Does

Change Available Updates View

MainWP Plugin allows you to see available updates in two ways: Per Site Per Plugin (theme) On your main Dashboard page in the Right Now widget you can find the dropdown menu to select preferred view.  

How to Unignore Abandoned Plugins

If you want to unignore possibly abandoned Plugin or a team go to: MainWP  > Plugins > Ignored Abandoned page. There locate the wanted Plugin and click the Allow button on his right side:  

Show / Hide MainWP Dashboard Footer Bar

Your Dashboard allows you to show or hide useful footer bar. To do that, go to: MainWP > Settings > Dashboard Options page and locate Hide MainWP Footer button and set it to fit your needs:

Set Tolerance for Possibly Abandoned Plugins & Themes Feature

This feature checks the last updated status of plugins and themes and alerts you if not updated in a specific amount of time. This gives you insight on if a plugin or theme may have been abandoned by the author: On the MainWP > Settings page, in the Upgrade Options box, you will be able to find Abandoned Plugins/Themes Tolerance option: Here you can set specific amount of time for this feature. By default, it is set to 365 which means that if there wasn’t an official release from author for last 365 days, your dashboard will mark the plugin/theme

How MainWP Will Save You Time and Money

MainWP is a WordPress management suite developed to be the most effective, self-hosted WordPress central dashboard. From the MainWP dashboard a user can control virtually all aspects of WordPress management including updating all of their sites with just one click of a button, schedule automated backups, monitor their sites, manage content across their network and much more. 1. Effortless Upgrades Do you have a busy schedule and dread all of the work you’ll be putting into upgrading sites, plugins and themes to the latest version? Worry no more! With the click of a button from your MainWP dashboard, all of your WordPress sites

Check if your Extensions are Properly Activated

Since the old MainWP extension licensing system is going to be retired make sure your extension are properly activated with an API key. To do that go to the MainWP extensions page and check for each extension if it shows the green “Activated” sign: If it shows “Enable” or “Disable” button it means that you need to activate it with an API key: Please follow this link if you need help with activating your extensions.

Use Tokens in your Boilerplate Pages

MainWP Boilerplate Extension allows you to use tokens in your Boilerplate pages and posts. Simply add your token in the title field and the correct value will be set on your child sites. Combination of tokens and custom text will enable you to have custom page title on each of your child sites.      

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