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Quick Jump Navigation

If  you want to jump from Individual Child Site Page (Dashboard, Edit, Backup, Security Scan) to another Individual Child Page, in top right corner locate the Jump to drop down menu and chose where you want to go:  First select wanted Child Site, then wanted page and you will be prompted to the selected page.  

Clean Up your Dashboard

The MainWP Clean and Lock extension enables you to remove unwanted WordPress menus from the dashboard backend. To do that go to: MainWP > Extensions > Clean and Lock > MainWP Clean and Lock Extension tab and at the bottom locate the Dashboard Site Cleanup section: There check all menus you want to remove and click the Save Settings button.  

Unfix Security Issues

After fixing security issues, MainWP Dashboard offers you to reverse the fixing process and to unfix issues any time you like. To unfix issues, go to: MainWP Dashboard > Sites > Manage tab and under the URL column click on the Security Scan link and locate the Unfix link: If the WordPress Version, RSD (Really Simple Discovery) meta tag, and the Windows Live Writer meta tag issues are fixed (removed) by using some other plugin, MainWP Dashboard will detect issues as fixed, but you will not be able to use the Unfix function. The Unfix function is able to undo

Meaning of Icons in the Status Column

On MainWP > Sites > Manage tab the Status column shows you the current status of your websites: The dark green icon with a number will show you the number of available updates on your site. The red exclamation mark indicates that the site is down. The green checkmark icon indicates that your site is online. Also, your Status column can show you this icons: The red plugin icons indicates that site is disconnected from dashboard. The yellow radiation icon indicates a plugin or theme conflict.  

Expand/Collapse Extensions list

If you want to change your extensions view go to: MainWP > Extensions > Manage Extensions tab and locate Expand/Collapse buttons: When you set the Expand mode you will get bigger icons and more information about extensions: Collapse mod will get you smaller icons and less information about extensions:  

How to Change Users Password

If you want to change users password on your child sites, go to: MainWP > Dashboard > Users > Manage tab. Locate the search box and type wanted user name and select your sites: After clicking Search Users button, list will appear. Check the check box next to the user you want to change password to: In top right corner you need to write a new password and click Update Password button: After that your user password will be changed:    

Schedule Posts on Child Sites from your Dashboard

  To schedule posts on your child sites go to:  MainWP > Posts and go to Add New tab: After preparing your content select wanted sites: Do not publish your articles yet. First locate the Publish box and click the Edit link next to do “Publish immediately” label. Scheduling options will appear. Set wanted time and date and click the OK button: Click the Schedule button:  

Speed Up your Dashboard

If you have more than 50 Child Sites connected to your Dashboard, we recommend to turn on the Optimize for big networks option. Go to MainWP > Settings page and locate the Global Options options box. Set it to YES and click Save Settings button in the bottom of the page: With this option enabled, your Dashboard will work faster. Updates will be cached for quick loading. [box] A manual refresh from the Dashboard is required to view new plugins, themes, pages or users. [/box]          

How to Change Number of Sites in the Manage Sites Table

By default MainWP dashboard is set to show 20 sites per page on your Manage sites table. If you want to change the number of sites per page,  locate the Screen Options tab in the top right corner and set the wanted number of sites that you want to be on your page:   After setting the number click Apply button and your Dashboard will adjust number of sites:    

What does the number in the circle mean in the Status column

Have you ever wondered what does the number in the circle (in the Sites table) means? It indicates the number of currently available updates for that site. This number is the total number of updates, for themes and plugins together. [box] Ignored updates won’t be displayed here. [/box]    

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