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Check if your Extensions are Properly Activated

Since the old MainWP extension licensing system is going to be retired make sure your extension are properly activated with an API key. To do that go to the MainWP extensions page and check for each extension if it shows the green “Activated” sign: If it shows “Enable” or “Disable” button it means that you need to activate it with an API key: Please follow this link if you need help with activating your extensions.

Use Tokens in your Boilerplate Pages

MainWP Boilerplate Extension allows you to use tokens in your Boilerplate pages and posts. Simply add your token in the title field and the correct value will be set on your child sites. Combination of tokens and custom text will enable you to have custom page title on each of your child sites.      

How you Can Make Sure That your Dashboard Can Communicate With your Child Site

You can use the Test Connection tab to see what response the Main plugin is receiving from a site. Test Connection 1. Go to Sites from the MainWP Dashboard menu, 2. Click the Test Connection tab, 3. Enter your sites URL, 4. Click Test Connection. The test will then tell you success or failure and the response received from the server.

Quickly Access WooCommerce Pages from your Dashboard

The MainWP WooCommerce Shortcuts Extension adds a useful widget to your child sites individual dashboards. The widget contains a set of links which will bring you directly to WooCommerce pages on your child site without logging into the site. [box] MainWP WooCommerce Shortcuts Extension requires the WooCommerce plugin installed on your child sites. [/box] If you don’t have the WooCommerce plugin installed on the child site, links won’t be available and the widget will display the notification for you.

Bulk Delete Child Sites

Bulk Actions dropdown provides you ability to Delete one or more child sites. To use the feature, select wanted child sites by checking the checkbox next to the child site, select the Delete action in dropdown menu and click the Apply button:

MainWP WooCommerce Status Extension Overview

MainWP WooCommerce Status extension provides you ability to see the WooCommerce status right from the MainWP Dashboard site. It enables you to monitor all your stores from one place. WooCommerce Status Dashboard On this page (MainWP > Extensions > MainWP WooCommerce Status Extension) you can see all your child sites with the WooCommerce plugin installed. Here you can see for each child site: Income for the current month Top Seller product for the current month Number of orders awaiting for the processing Number of orders on hold Number of products low on stock Number of products out of stock By clicking

How to Scan Child Sites with the MainWP WordFence Extension

The Wordfence extension enables you to trigger scanning process on child sites directly from your dashboard. To do this go to: Wordfence Dashboard page (MainWP > Extensions > MainWP Wordfence Extension ). In the upper part of the page, you will be able to find the Start a Wordfence Scan button: This button will start a scan process on all child sites.    

Reconnect your Child Sites

  If you have two or more child sites disconnected, select all disconnected sites and from the bulk action menu select the Reconnect action and click the Apply button: This features will attempt to reconnect all your child sites at once.

Set BackUpWordPress Extension as your Primary Backup System

If you want to use your extension as a primary Backup feature, go to the MainWP > Settings page. In the Backup Options box, locate the Select Primary Backup System option, and from the dropdown, select the MainWP BackUpWordPress Extension: Setting the BackUpWordPress as a primary backup option as primary will make some changes to you dashboard. The Backup Now link in the Manage Sites page will be replaced with the extension’s Backup Now link. The Schedule Backup link in the MainWP menu, will be replaced with the Existing Backups link, which leads to the extension page where you can see

Set Start Time for Scheduled Backups

MainWP BackUpWordPress Extension allows you to set exact start time for scheduled backups. To schedule backups go to the Extension Settings page, and locate the Add Schedule tab: 1. Select Backup Type (Database and Files, Files Only, Database Only) 2. Select Schedule (Manually, Once Hourly, Twice Daily, Once Daily, Once Weekly, Once Biweekly, Once Monthly) 3. Set Start Time 4. Set Number of Backups to Store 5. Set Email Address (where do you want to receive your backup file) 6. Click the Done button.    

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