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Protect your MainWP Dashboard and all your Child Sites

With the addition of CodeGuard to your MainWP WordPress sites you are automatically protected against viruses, hackers, bad updates and even your own code accidentally breaking your site.

We're ringing in the new year with a brand new partner, CodeGuard! I personally use CodeGuard on all my sites, including MainWP, I'm very excited for this partnership to start on the right foot, so I am giving every Pro Member 1 year of the Dashboard plan on us!!

How to Redeem

You should have received a coupon code to the email address we have on file for your MainWP Pro Subscription; if you haven’t, please be sure to check your Spam and then contact support to look up your coupon code.

Once you have your code handy and you are logged in under your MainWP Pro account, select the Dashboard plan, and enter your coupon code on checkout. You’ll then receive an email from CodeGuard with instructions on accessing CodeGuard and adding your Dashboard.

Where is the CodeGuard Extension

We haven’t created the CodeGuard Extension yet, currently scheduled for late February for full integration. Once the Extension is available, prices will go up, so lock in our exclusive MainWP Pro pricing now, and keep it for as long as you remain a MainWP Pro Member.


1 Site - 5GB Storage
$1.75 Monthly
  • Your MainWP Dashboard
  • 5GB Storage
  • Database Backups
  • Daily Backups
  • ChangeAlert Notifications
  • One-Click Restore
  • 1st Year Free

* MainWP Pro Monthly or Lifetime Membership is required to order CodeGuard at our exclusive prices. If you cancel your Pro membership it also cancels your CodeGuard membership.

* At the moment, only Stripe Gateway is available for the CodeGuard products.

Automatic Daily Backups

Secure your website with automated daily backups stored offsite with built-in redundancy.

Malware Monitoring

Rest easy knowing CodeGuard is diligently checking your site for changes every day.

File Change Monitoring

Get notified by email anytime something changes within the source code of your site.

One-Click Restores

A simple restore process makes it easy to rollback a single file or your entire website to a previous version.

Every 0.65 seconds, a new web page is infected with malware.

Protect your site from data loss and corruption, as well as against threats from viruses, hackers and malware with Daily Automated Website Backups from CodeGuard. With CodeGuard Website Backup, your website is backed up daily and if disaster strikes, you can restore your site to a previous point in time at the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

CodeGuard is a fully automated website backup service that gives you complete protection against data loss and malware.
CodeGuard provides an independent offsite backup solution for your website along with daily monitoring to ensure your website is online and malware free.
CodeGuard takes daily automated snapshots of your website. Using these snapshots, you can restore your entire site or a specific file to an earlier version at any time.
Switching plans is easy! You can upgrade and increase your disk storage allowance in just a few simple clicks via our client area.
Yes, databases can be backed up also. Database backups are supported for MySQL and MSSQL databases.

CodeGuard can monitor and notify you by email when your website changes to alert you to new threats and malware.

With CodeGuard’s daily snapshots, if your website gets attacked, you can restore to a previous uninfected version at any time.
We can’t offer currency conversion at this time since we are selling the CodeGuard services at our cost + transaction fees so we would lose money on currency conversion fees charged by our processors.

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