Custom Dashboard

Work your way! Change the look and feel of your Dashboard!

Have you ever wanted to change the font, color, or move a button on your MainWP Dashboard? Using the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension, now you can!

The MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension contains your custom snippets for your MainWP Dashboard. By adding custom snippets to this plugin, you can easily extend your MainWP Dashboard functionality or change the way it looks.

This extension will help you keep all your changes in one location and independent of the other components. The Built-in code editor allows you to add your code directly through the extension interface. No FTP access is required!

It enables you to safely update your MainWP Dashboard plugin on your MainWP Dashboard site without worry of losing your modifications, as well as deactivating your custom code if needed for troubleshooting.

The MainWP Github repository has some example snippets that will help you get started:

How It Works

MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension saves your custom code to your MainWP Dashboard database instead of containing code in PHP/CSS/JS file. For CSS and JS snippets, the extension will print saved code in the element on your MainWP Dashboard site.

eval() function

Saved PHP Code Snippets will get executed by using the PHP function eval().

In case the eval() function is disabled on your host, please contact your host support and have them enable it for you.

Heartbeat API Integration

In case you try to save PHP code with syntax error and cause PHP Fatal Error, the extension uses wp_php_error_message filter provided by WordPress Heartbeat API to prevent your MainWP Dashboard site from crashing. After saving invalid code, you will see the error message and link to go back to fix it.

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You can use this Extension on unlimited MainWP Dashboards that you own.


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