• Understanding MainWP Dashboard User Interface

    Since the MainWP version 4, MainWP plugin has started using the Semantic UI as the main framework along with some … Read more →

  • MainWP Navigation

    MainWP Dashboard main navigation panel appears on the left side and provides quick access to all MainWP sections: Overview Updates … Read more →

  • MainWP Overview

    MainWP Overview section is one of the most important ones in the MainWP Dashboard plugin, and it provides you an … Read more →

  • MainWP Widgets

    Update Overview Widget Global and Individual Overview The Update Overview widget can be split into two sections Updates – includes updates for … Read more →

  • Overview Layout

    To get the most out of it, you can adjust your MainWP Dashboard > Overview page per your preferences. To … Read more →

  • Screen Options

    In some MainWP Dashboard sections, the Screen Options menu is available, and it provides the ability to change section options. … Read more →

  • Individual Child Site Mode

    A majority of the features provided by the MainWP Plugin can be controlled on a global level (for all Child … Read more →

  • MainWP Tables

    Standard MainWP Tables In almost all sections, MainWP uses tables powered with the DataTables advanced interaction controls. Table Actions Menu … Read more →

  • Select Sites Metabox

    Select Sites is a metabox that is used in almost all MainWP Sections, and it’s very important. Nearly every action … Read more →