Import Articles

  1. Login into your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Extensions > Article Uploader page
  3. Locate the Import Articles option boxImport Articles
    1. Drag&Drop your articles (in .txt or .csv) format or click the Choose File button to upload your file
    2. After you see the indicator showing that all files are uploaded, click the Import Articles button

After clicking the Upload Articles button, the whole new section will appear under the Import Articles box and provide you options to Publish, Edit or Delete imported articles.

Manage Articles After Importing

After successful import, the extension will show you the imported articles so you can continue the process.

Imported Articles

Publish Articles

Publish Imported Articles

  1. Review the uploaded articles and make sure everything is set correctly
  2. Use the Publish action under an Article Title or select multiple articles and use the Publish action from the bulk actions menu.

Edit Articles

Edit Imported Article

  1. Locate the article that you want to edit before publishing
  2. Click the Edit link

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