Clone Extension

The MainWP Clone Extension provides the ability to clone your WordPress sites.

With the MainWP Clone Extension, you will create an exact copy of the site configuration, themes, themes settings, plugins, plugin settings, posts, pages, images, videos…pretty much everything on your site.

How it Works

The Clone extension requires preinstalled WordPress site connected to your MainWP Dashboard (Destination Site). Once  you install fresh WordPress website and connect it to  your MainWP Dashboard, you will be able to use the clone feature and clone your template (Source Site) site.

The Extension allows you to clone websites in 2 ways:

  1. Quick Clone
  2. Clone from Backup

Quick Clone

Quick clone feature allows you to clone one child site to another child site.

This method allows you to quickly clone your website simply by selecting a Source Site and following the process in a few quick easy steps. This method is recommended for smaller WordPress sites ( < 200MB ). 

Clone from Backup

This method allows you clone one child site to another, simply by uploading a backup file (created by the MainWP native backup feature) of the source site to your destination site server. This method is recommended for larger WordPress sites ( > 200MB ).

Important Notes

In order to clone a site, connection between two child sites (Source and Destination) needs to be established without of issues.

If the Quick Clone feature fails for you, it is more than likely due insufficient server resources. Be sure to review MainWP System Requirements and resolve any of potential issues.

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