Upload Files to Child Sites

  1. Login into your MainWP Dashbaord
  2. Go to the MainWP > Extensions > File Uploader page
  3. Click the Choose File button and upload the wanted file (alternatively, drag&drop files to the marked area)File Uploader - Upload File
  4. Set a path where you want to upload your file(s)File Uploader - Set Path
  5. Select Child Sites where you want to upload file(s)
  6. Click the Upload File button

Important Notes

The file that already exists with the same name in the same directory will be overwritten.

If you use space in the folder or file names the extension will insert the “-” symbol in order to have functional file path! For example: ../folder name/… or ../file name.png will be tweaked to ../folder-name/… or ../file-name.png