Create Google Analytics Client ID and Secret Client

  1. Click the link provided in your Google Analytics extension pageGoogle Developer Console Link
  2. In the Google Developers Console, click the Projects Menu
  3. Click the + icon to create a new ProjectNew Google Project
  4. Enter your Project Name and click the Create buttonCreate New Google Project
  5. Once the project has been created, select it from the drop-down menu
  6. Click the Enable APIs and Services link
  7. Locate the Analytics API and click it
  8. Make sure that the API is enabled, if not, Enable it
  9. Go to the Credentials page
  10. Click the Create Credentials buttonGoogle Developer Console - Create Credentials
  11. Select the oAuth Client ID optionGoogle Developer Console - oAuth Client ID
  12. Click the Configure Consent Screen buttonGoogle Developer Console - Configure Consent Screen
  13. Enter a Product Name and click the Save buttonGoogle Developer Console - Product Name
  14. Select Web ApplicationGoogle Developer Console - Web Appliaction
  15. Copy the Redirect URI from the MainWP Google Analytics Extension page to the Authorized Redirect URIs field. In case you are running multiple MainWP Dashboards, you can add multiple Redirect URIs here.Google Developer Console - Redirect URI
  16. Click the Create button
  17. Client ID and Secret Client will be displayed to youGA oAuth Credentials