MainWP Links Manager Extension Overview

MainWP Links Manager extension has been built for both beginning marketers and those proficient in Search Engine Optimization with numerous customizable features. It allows you to preset a list of keyword (links) which will be automatically applied to your posts and pages. Also, you can use it for inter-linking your posts.

After installing and activating the extension go to the MainWP > Extensions page and make sure that the extension is enabled.

The extension settings page enables you to Create and Manage Links, Set the Extension Configuration, Manage Links Groups, Set Do Not links, Track click Statistics and Import/Export Settings.




In the Links page provides you overview of your links. Here, you can create  a new links and edit or delete the existing ones.



The Configuration page enables you to set default values for the extension. A few of these options can be individually set for each link. If you don’t specify these options when creating a link, these, default settings will be applied.



Use this page to create new groups, edit or delete the existing groups.

Do Not Link


This tab provides you an option to set specific urls ( sites/pages/posts/categories/..) you don’t want to use links in. To use it properly, add one url or a part of the url per line. For Example:

  • Full URL: – Only blocks that URL
  • Partial URL: /about/ – Blocks every …/about/… page in your network
  • Site URL: – Completely blocks that site



Here you can track statistics for your links. It will count Row and Unique clicks for all your links.



Use this page to export your settings and if needed to import old ones.

Links Manager Extension Options Widget

This widget is very important part of the extension. It can be found in the MainWP > Posts/Pages > Add New page.


The first two option allows you to disable automatic creation of external and/or internal links.

If you don’t have a previously created link, you can quickly create one here. Just enter a Link Name, Destination URL, optionally Cloak URL and wanted keywords.

Also if you don’t want to use some of already created keywords, just check the right checkboxes in the bottom part of the widget and the extension will ignore them.