Create Report(s)

Default Reports

Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce plugin comes with two default Reports:

  • Default Report (full report)
  • Default Report (basic report)

If any of these reports are sufficient for your needs, it is enough to activate the wanted one, and it’s ready to be used.

Activate Report

Edit Default Reports

If you want to use one of the default reports, but you need to make some changes, you are allowed to edit report settings. However, to have the default reports always available, we recommend using the Replicate action and editing the report replica. To do that,

  1. Login in to your Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce site
  2. Go to the WooCommerce > Client Reports > All Reports page
  3. Locate the report that you want to replicate and edit
  4. Click the Replicate actionReplicate Report
  5. Locate the replicated report and click the Edit actionEdit Report
  6. Once you are done with editing report,
    1. Set the report status to Active
    2. Save Report

You are allowed to have multiple reports created; however, only one can be active, and only the active one will be used to display data to your clients.

Build Reports from Scratch

If you want to build a custom report from scratch,

  1. Login in to your Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce site
  2. Go to the WooCommerce > Client Reports > Add New Report page
  3. Locate the Report Settings option box:Report Settings
    1. Set the Report Title; it will be used in the All Reports table only
    2. Set the Report Description, it’s not required, but you can add a short description for internal use only
    3. Assign to Groups option will allow you to set permissions and let certain Roles (groups) to see this report
    4. Assign to Users option will allow you to set permissions to certain users to see this report
    5. Select Child Site or Demo Site Information for preview option enables you to set a site which will be used for generating preview data.
    6. Activate Report options allows you to set the report to active status
    7. Custom CSS field enables you to write custom CSS for the report.
  4. Set you Report preferences
  5. Locate the Report Format option box
  6. Create custom Report layout
  7. Once the Report layout is done, click the Save Settings button.

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