Scheduled Events not Occurring

MainWP Dashboard by default relies on a built-in WordPress file called wp-cron.php to trigger scheduled events. The wp-cron.php file is called each time your site is viewed and is sufficient in mot cases. However, we suggest you install a fresh dedicated site for your dashboard which will probably get almost no traffic which means your scheduled tasks may not be triggered in a timely manner.

Below are 2 options for automatically triggering your WP Cron functions:

  1. Have Uptime Robot trigger your WP Cron by adding your MainWP Dashboard as a monitor
  2. has developed their own tutorial for working with MainWP:
    1. How to set up a Cron job for MainWP?
    2. What Cron job setting shall I use?

Important Notes

If setting the WP Cron triggers don’t help, make sure your MainWP Dashboard doesn’t have custom redirection rules that could redirect requests and prevent triggering the WP Cron.