Quick Setup Wizard

Right after installing the MainWP Dashboard plugin the Quick Setup Wizard will be initiated. It is designed to quickly walk you through MainWP Dashboard settings and optimize your MainWP Dashboard plugin for the best user experience.

If you don’t want to go through the setup wizard, you can skip and proceed to your MainWP Dashboard by clicking the Not right now button. If you change your mind, you can come back later by starting the Quick Setup Wizard from the MainWP > Settings > MainWP Tools page!


Qucik Setup Wizard - Installation

On this step, you will be asked if your MainWP Dashboard plugin is installed on a Web host or Localhost. Select the correct option and proceed.

In case your MainWP Dashboard plugin has been installed on a Localhost, you will need to select your Operating System.

Quick Setup Wizard - Operating System

Due to a bug with PHP on Windows in case you use Windows, you will need to enter your OpenSSL Library location so MainWP Dashboard can connect to your child sites.

Quick Start Wizard - Windows Tweak

In most cases, the openssl.cnf file is saved to the default path, however, if you use custom setup, you will need to verify the file location and enter the correct path in the field.

System Check

Quick Start Wizard - System Check

MainWP Dashboard will check the most critical server configuration settings. If any of listed checks doesn’t meet MainWP System Requirements it is HIGHLY recommended to resolve the issue(s) before trying to connect your first child sites.

Hosting Setup

Quick Setup Wizard - Hosting Setup

  1. Select a hosting type that your MainWP Dashboard site is on
    This option will appear only in case your MainWP Dashboard is hosted on a Web host. In case it is on a Localhost, this option does not matter.
  2. Select if you are planning to manage less or more than 50 child sites
    If you are starting with less than 50 and later end with 50+ sites, it is not a problem. Just a reminder, you can start the Quick Setup Wizard again from the MainWP > Settings > MainWP Tools page.


Quick Setup Qizard - Optimization

  1. Select if you wish to hide your MainWP Network.
    • NO – default
    • YES – will make anyone including your competitors or Search Engines trying to find the MainWP Child plugin encounter a 404 page. This doesn’t mean that the MainWP Child plugin will be hidden in WordPress backend, it means that the plugin files will be hidden and won’t be accessible by trying to browse the /mainwp-child/ directory on your sites. This option can be changed on the MainWP > Settings page later.
      This feature requires the plugin to make changes to your .htaccess file and in rare cases or server configurations could cause problems.
  2. Select if you wish to enable automatic update for the MainWP Child plugin on your child sites.


Quick Setup Wizard - Notificatons

  1. Select if you want to receive important notifications from your MainWP Dashboard
  2. If you enable notifications, provide your email address


Quick Setup Wizard - Backups

  1. Select if you are planning to use the MainWP plugin for backing up your child sites
  2. If you choose to use it for backups, select one of the free Backup extension you prefer. You have following choices:

After selecting a backup system, you will be prompted to the page where you can register for the MainWP Account.

Quick Setup Wizard - MainWP Signup

If  you already have MainWP Account, skip this step and enter your login credentials, if not, click the Register for MainWP Account button and after successful registration, proceed to the next step.

After that, the selected backup extension will be automatically installed on your dashboard.

WP-Cron Trigger

Quick Setup Wizard - WP-Cron Trigger

If you want to make sure that WP-Cron jobs are regularly triggered on your MainWP Dashboard, you can Authorize the Uptime Robot service and add your dashboard site as a monitor.

The Uptime Robot will ping your dashboard site regularly and make sure that all scheduled events are occurring.


Quick Setup Wizard - Cleanup

Use the provided options to hide unwanted WP Admin menus on your dashboard site. This option can be changed on the MainWP > Settings page later.

Important Note

The MainWP Quick Setup Wizard can be activated at any time from the MainWP > Settings > MainWP Tools page.

If you are not sure about any of the options, you can always use the Skip this Step button.

If you need to go back and tweak any of options from previous steps, use the Back button.