Spinner Extension

The MainWP Spinner Extension will rewrite your content and enable you to post unique versions of a relevant content on your WordPress Blogs. It uses Spintax (Spin Syntax) to substitutes synonym choices into the article to create “original” variations of the base article.

How it Works

Let’s look at a spintax example using the most common spintax format.

Let’s say our original article has the sentence:

Writing articles is a lot of fun.

Now if we format the above sentence with spintax, we might have something like:

{Writing|Creating} {articles|stories} is a {lot of fun|rewarding experience}.

Each of the words or phrases contained with {|} are randomly substituted in the spun article.  So for the above example, some of the variations generated would be:

Writing stories is a lot of fun.
Creating articles is a rewarding experience.
Creating stories is a rewarding experience.

And so on for all the combinations possible. The number of variations depends on what software or service you use with your spintax.

You can spin articles at the word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph level or a combination of all these.

Supported Spinning Engines

The Spinner extension supports following Spinning engines that require an active subscription.

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