Define Role Permissions

  1. Login into your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Extensions > Team Control page
  3. Go to the MainWP Roles tab
  4. Locate the previously created role
  5. Click the Edit actionEdit Role
  6. Set MainWP Dashboard permissions
  7. Set Allowed ExtensionsSet Role Permissions
  8. Set Allowed Sites Allowed Sites for a Role
  9. Click the Save actionSave Role

After setting custom permissions, you are ready to assign this role to an existing user or to create a new user with this role.

Important Notes

By selecting a permission, extension or website, you are allowing users with this role to use this action, extension on the allowed sites.

If you allow sites by selecting a group of child sites after adding a new site to the group it is required to re-save role settings in order to allow the newly added site to the role.