Individual Child Site Mode

A majority of the features provided by the MainWP Plugin can be controlled on a Global level (for all Child Sites) and for Individual Child sites.

Single Site Overview

Individual Child Site Mode enables you to control settings per child site and also to monitor data related to a specific child site.

  1. To access the Individual Child site mode,
  2. Go to the MainWP > Sites page
  3. Locate the wanted Child Site
  4. Under the Site column in the Manage Sites table
    1. Locate the Overview link in the action row
    2. Click the Overview link

Once the Overview page is opened, new tabs will be available:

  • Overview – Individual Child Site Overview displays information for the individual site and provides actions that can affect only that certain site.
  • Edit – Allows you to edit the Child Site settings
  • Updates – Allows you to manage available updates for the Child Site and a
  • Security Scan – Provides overview over the Child Site security issues and reports