MainWP Navigation

MainWP Main Navigation

MainWP Dashboard main navigation panel hooks right into the WP Admin navigation sidebar, with providing a quick access to all MainWP facilities:

  • Overview
  • Updates
  • Sites
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Users
  • Backups (depends on selected primary backup system)
  • Settings
  • Extensions
  • Server Information

Along with the Main navigation, MainWP Dashboard provides a Page Navigation (Tabs) wich varies from section to section. Each MainWP section has a different Page Navigation, also, there are sections without of the tabs.


The Dashboard menu item leads you to the MainWP Global Overview which is one of the most important facilities of the MainWP Dashboard plugin, it is a one-page section.

On the MainWP Global Dashboard, you will be able to Manage Plugins and Theme Updates, view Recent Posts and Pages,… basically, it provides you a quick overview over your Child Sites.

MainWP Dashboard


The Updates menu item contains one of the most used features of the MainWP Plugins. The feature will allow you to manage updates on your child sites.


The Sites menu item will lead to the most important section of the MainWP Dashboard plugin. In this section, you will be able to Manage your Child SiteAdd New new ones and Test Connection for sites that need to be added to your MainWP Dashboard.

Sites Tabs


The Posts section allows you to access options where you can Manage Posts on your Child Sites and Add New posts.



The Pages section allows you to access options where you can Manage Pages on your Child Sites and Add New ones.



In the Themes section, you can Manage Themes on your Child Sites, Install new themes, manage auto updates for themes, manage ignored theme updates and manage Ignored abandoned themes.

Plugins Tabs


In the Plugins section, you can Manage Plugins on your Child Sites, Install new plugins, manage auto updates for plugins, manage ignored plugin updates and manage Ignored abandoned plugins.

Plugins Tabs


The Users section allows you to Manage Users, create new users on your child sites and quickly update password for the Administrator user that has been used for establishing connection to your MainWP Dashboard.

Users Tabs


Backup section depends on the backup system that you use. Each Backup system will hook a shortcut to a certain extension page.


The Settings section is divided into four tabs where you can control settings of your MainWP Dashboard.

Settings Tabs


Extensions section is one-page section. It provides you the ability to Install and Activate your extensions, Manage installed extensions and review all available MainWP extensions.

Server Information

In the Server Information tab, you can review your server configuration and make sure that your MainWP Dashboard is set on a compatible server, view Cron jobs, error log, your dashboard WP-Config.php file content and the .htaccess file content.

Also, it provides you ability to review Sever Infomation for your child sites.

Server Information Tabs