MainWP Tables

Standard MainWP Tables

In almost all sections, MainWP uses standard WordPress table template.

MainWP Table

Table Action Row

In almost all MainWP Tables, on mouse hover over a table row, available actions will be displayed in the Actino Row

MainWP Table - Action Row

Table Sorting Options

If a table column header is blue (link primary color), it means that the table can be sorted by that parameter. For example, if you want to sort data by Post Author in the Manage Posts table, you can click on the Author column header and the table will reorder data.

MainWP Table - Header

Table Columns Order

The MainWP Plugin allows you to set custom columns order so you can set tables as per your preferences. Just locate the provide “handle” at the top of the column header and drag & drop column where you need it.

Column Order

The MainWP Plugin will remember the order so this adjustment doesn’t need to be repeated on each page load.

Table Bulk Actions

The bulk actions menu is always located in the top-left position above a table. To use bulk actions, select all items in a table where you want to apply an action, select the wanted action and click the Apply button.

Bulk Actions

Table Filters

Where available, you can filter table data by using table filters

Table Filters

Table Pagination

If a table contains too much data to be displayed in one page, the MainWP will provide you a table pagination, so you can go through data page-by-page.

Table Pagination

Table Display Options

If  you want to adjust a number of items (rows) in a table, use the dropdown menu to set the wanted number if provided.

Display Options

Specific MainWP Tables

In some sections, MainWP Dashboard uses tables that are not specific to WordPress interface. This is because standard WordPress templates do not provide a needed functionality which is required for certain MainWP sections.

MainWP Plugins and Themes Table

This kind of table has fixed header and first row, so in case there is too many plugins and/or Child Sites, the fixed parts will enable to you go through the table more efficiently.

Also, by clicking a Child Site URL in the first column, you will select all items in the row, and by clicking a Plugin/Theme name in a column header, you will select all items in the column.

Important Note

In different sections of the MainWP Dashboard plugin, you can find different tables, however, those tables are used only for styling data and they do not provide any special functionality.