Wordfence Dashboard

From the Wordfence Dashboard pageyou can monitor all of your child sites where you have the Wordfence plugin installed. In the sites list, you will be notified if the plugin has an update available or if the plugin is deactivated.




The provided links and bulk actions will allow you to Update and Activate the Plugin.

In the Trigger Column, you will find useful link actions. From here you can trigger the scanning process, show scanning results or to see the Live Traffic page for the child site.

You can also hide the Plugin on child sites. Simply by clicking the Hide Wordfence Plugin you can hide it on a single site (Show Wordfence Plugin for unhiding it)

or use bulk actions to hide on multiple sites. Select the sites where you want to hide the plugin, choose the Hide action and click the Apply button.



To unhide the plugin on multiple sites, select the wanted sites, choose the Show action and click the Apply button.