📢 Step into MainWP 4.5: Main Navigation Redesigned, Flexible Widgets, & Beyond!

MainWP 4.5 - New Navigation, Flexible Widgets, and more!

After continuous testing and your valuable feedback, I am super excited to bring you MainWP 4.5, which includes flexible widgets, enhanced encryption for 3rd party API keys, updates to various Extensions, and more.

We have also redesigned the MainWP Dashboard navigation to be more user-friendly and to accommodate future additions.

Here’s a quick walkthrough for MainWP 4.5:

YouTube video

– MainWP Dashboard Navigation Redesigned

We simplified the main navigation by introducing a 3-level navigation layout, which allows additional room for upcoming releases while keeping things organized.

This also ensures that you quickly find the options you’re looking for, adding more simplicity to your experience.

New Main Navigation

– Introducing Flexible Widgets

Enjoy a seamless experience by quickly dragging, dropping, stretching, and shrinking all widgets instead of a fixed two or three columns layout.

With Flexible Widgets, you’ll be able to adjust widgets that perfectly suit your needs. Customizing your dashboard has never been easier!

Flexible Widgets - MainWP

– Site Specific Search for Plugins & Themes

Alongside the existing Per Item view in the “Manage Plugins” and “Manage Themes” screens, we have introduced the all-new Per Site view to enhance your plugins and themes management workflow.

Per Site View - Manage Plugins & Themes

– Find Sites with Missing Plugins & Themes

The MainWP 4.5 introduces a new addition to the Search Options – the “Not installed” status on both Manage Plugins and Manage Themes pages.

Finding Child Sites that don’t have specific plugins or themes is now incredibly easy!

Find Sites Without Specific Plugins or Themes

– 3 New Widgets on Client’s Overview Page

We’ve added three new widgets to the Client Overview page: Recent Posts, Recent Pages, and Non-MainWP Changes.

These widgets will display data for Child Sites mapped to a client, allowing you to get quick insights.

New Widgets on Client Overview Page

– Permissions for MainWP REST API Keys

Starting MainWP 4.5, you’ll be able to set Read, Write, and Delete permissions for each MainWP REST API key. This means you can now limit keys to specific types of actions.

This added security feature gives you more control over your MainWP installation and data.

Read More:  MainWP REST API

MainWP REST API Keys Permissions

– OpenSSL Signature Verification Algorithm

The MainWP 4.5 allows you to pick a custom Signature Verification Algorithm and use PHPSecLib as an alternative to OpenSSL. Set these globally or per site.

Previously, MainWP used SHA1, but to ensure compatibility with OpenSSL 3 updates, MainWP now uses a more secure SHA256 by default.

OpenSSL Signature Verification Algorithm

– PHPSecLib as a Fallback to OpenSSL

We’ve introduced PHPSecLib as a fallback option to OpenSSL, which helps when setting up localhosts that might have configuration challenges.

This ensures smooth setup and added flexibility, enhancing your overall experience with MainWP.

PHPSecLib as an Alternative to OpenSSL

– Enhanced Encryption System

MainWP 4.5 brings in a top-notch encryption and decryption system for 3rd party API keys, taking security to a whole new level.

This security enhancement ensures your 3rd party API keys are stored safer than ever.

– Over 20 Extensions Updated

We have updated various MainWP Extensions, ensuring seamless compatibility with the new layout and flexible widgets.

Besides all the above exciting updates, we’ve also added a “Jump to WP Admin” icon when an update process fails for a Child Site. This allows you to quickly jump into the WP Admin area of that site to troubleshoot.

For more details, take a look at the complete changelog for MainWP Dashboard and MainWP Child.

Important: To ensure compatibility and smooth functionality with the new layout, flexible widgets, and signature verification algorithm, it’s essential to follow the MainWP 4.5 upgrade guide.

These additions will significantly enhance your experience, providing more flexibility, customization options, and better organization capabilities.

8 thoughts on “📢 Step into MainWP 4.5: Main Navigation Redesigned, Flexible Widgets, & Beyond!”

  1. Awesome. I love your regular developments. The only thing I’m missing now is that I can arrange the extensions on an overview page by myself.

    • Hey Oliver – thank you so much for your kind words! As we are always glad to hear what our users like the most & what they would like to see in future release; Please feel free to give us some feedback about your wants and needs so that they can be voted on by the community & possibly added within a future release.

      MainWP Feedback

  2. Hello, love the wp admin theme and interface. I was wondering, is there a way to select a MainWP Theme so it reflects for all users added? Also, the same question when laying out the flexible widgets, can it reflect the changes for all team members and users? It’s been a while since I tried MainWP but I am thoroughly impressed! Great job on the UI and new look!

    • Hi Lori,

      We’re very happy to hear you’re enjoying the new interface.

      As of right now, the MainWP theme and the widget settings can only be set per user.

      Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most. https://feedback.mainwp.com

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