MainWP Version 4

For the last couple of months, the MainWP team has been working on MainWP Version 4, this version introduces significant user interface (UI) changes to the MainWP plugin with the goal of modernizing the plugin to improve user experience as much as possible.

Even though the majority of the changes are “visual” and UI focused, version 4 update also includes some new features, improvements on previous features and of course, there has been some cleaning up of the code base.

Before we bring new updates to thousands of MainWP users, we hope to get feedback from our community.

We’re currently beta testing and your insights are very important for helping us make better, more reliable software.

Exciting Changes

  • A brand new user friendly UI/UX design
  • MainWP Dashboard visually separated from WP-Admin
  • Adjustable Dashboard options and layout to meet your needs
  • Table columns reordering
  • Better MainWP performance
  • Tighter integration between MainWP Dashboard and Extensions
MainWP 4 - Manage Sites Table

Want to Help?

Before You Test

  • Even though the update went through extensive internal Alpha testing and a closed Beta stage, we still recommend approaching to the Beta testing carefully.
  • Before updating your current MainWP setup, it would be ideally to run pre-testing in a dedicated test environment. It can be local or web host setup.
  • If you decide to try out the version on your production setup, don’t forget to back it up before doing anything!

Testing Scope

  • Functionality problems (bugs)
  • Usability issues
  • Conflicts
  • UI problems and inconsistencies
  • Improvement suggestions

Report Issues

If you find any issues, please use the integrated Usersnap system to report a bug by clicking the Bug icon in top-right.

Also, you can open a support ticket the same as any other support request, just add [v4] prefix to the ticket subject.

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Integration with new JavaScript libraries
  • Integration with the Semantic-UI development framework
  • Plugin files reorganization
  • .htaccess file included to MainWP Child plugin (in the plugin directory) by default

MainWP Dashboard v4 Changelog

Version 4.0-beta2.0.1 - June 20th, 2019
  • Fixed: an issue with setting Post and Page drips
  • Fixed: multiple PHP Notices
  • Added: the ability to collapse/expand multiple items in the Updates tables
  • Added: the ability to collapse/expand all/none items in the Updates tables
  • Updated: small usability imrovements in the Manage Groups section
  • Updated: various cosmetic improvements
Version 4.0-beta2.0 - June 18th, 2019 (Public Release)
  • Added: welcome screen on the Sites > Add New page for new users
  • Added: Back to WP Admin button in the Quick Start Wizard
  • Updated: Go to WP Admin menu item background color
Version 4.0-beta1.2 - June 13th, 2019
  • Fixed: an issue with saving widgets order
  • Fixed: an issue with dragging widgets on the overview page
  • Fixed: an issue with displaying translations updates
  • Fixed: an issue with managing plugins and themes in the Plugins and Themes widgets
  • Fixed: an issue opening with Plugin info modal screen
  • Added: new JS library for dragging widgets
  • Added: the Extensions menu item submenu
  • Added: screen options on the Manage Sites table with the ability to show/hide table columns
  • Updated: various improvements to the new Updates layout
  • Updated: various cosmetic improvements
Version 4.0-beta1.1 - June 6th, 2019
  • Fixed: an issue with dismissing the MainWP Child auto-update notice
  • Fixed: multiple cosmetic issues caused by high z-index value
  • Fixed: multiple cosmetic issues on mobile screen
  • Fixed: an issue with updating translations
  • Added: the ability to collapse the Connection Status widget
  • Added: the sticky class to the #mainwp-top-header element
  • Added: the logout button
  • Updated: Updates Overview widget redesign
  • Updated: Updates page redesign
  • Updated: a couple of text strings have been rewritten
  • Updated: submenu item font size
  • Updated: the Connection Status widget to show Site Name instead URL
  • Updated: disabled widgets drag & drop functionality on mobile screens
Version 4.0-beta1.0.2 - May 24th, 2019
  • Fixed: a typo in the error message
  • Fixed: CSS issue with the Update Everything button
  • Updated: link style in notification messages
  • Updated: tooltip placement on the Add New site and Edit Site screens
  • Updated: page title on individual site pages to help with site identification
Version 4.0-beta1.0.1 - May 22nd, 2019
  • Fixed: an issue with skipping steps in the Quick Setup Wizard
  • Fixed: screen height issue in the Quick Setup Wizard
  • Fixed: an issue with dismissing the warning that shows on initial setup
  • Added: the Usersnap bug reporting button to the Quick Setup Wizard
  • Updated: Manage Sites AJAX loading system
  • Updated: the warning message text
  • Updated: the warning message display condition

Privacy During Beta Testing

During the Beta we will also be testing for bug reporting. The tool is installed in the Beta so you can easily take screenshots and send us notes, it can not be turned off.

However, UserSnap only records your screen and browser information when you tell it to. If you select to use the tool just press the Bug button on the top right of the MainWP Dashboard header.

For more information on this tool and how to use it please watch the video below:

To get started

  1. Download the MainWP Dashboard plugin, from below, and Install it on your Dashboard site
    • If you already have MainWP Dashboard installed, first Deactivate it and Delete it via WordPress > Plugins interface, than install the new version. This process won't delete your current MainWP data.
    • If you are starting with a fresh setup, simply install the plugin the same as any WordPress plugin.
  2. Download the MainWP Child plugin, from below, and Install it on your child sites
    • If installing to existing setup, you can update the MainWP Child plugin by installing it from the MainWP > Plugins > Install > Upload page. Just upload the version, select child sites and make sure that the “Overwrite existing” option is selected.
    • If installing to fresh sites, install it the same as any WordPress plugin.
  3. Download extensions that you want to test, from below, and Install it on your MainWP Dashboard
    • Install extension manually by installing through the WP > Plugins page on your MainWP Dashboard. Bulk Installation process won't work.

Available Beta Downloads

PluginVersionLast update
MainWP Dashboard4.0-beta2.0.1June 20th, 2019Download MainWP Dashboard 4
MainWP Child4.0-beta2.0June 18th, 2019Download MainWP Child 4

Available Beta Extensions Downloads

To download available Beta versions of the MainWP Extensions, go to the My Downloads page and download extensions by clicking the Download button under the Beta 4 column.

How to Update Beta 4 Versions

Updating the MainWP Dashboard plugin is very easy. To do it, you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest beta version
  2. Go to the WP Admin > Plugins page on your MainWP Dashboard site
  3. Deactivate the MainWP Dashboard that is currently installed on the site
  4. Delete it (note that this will not delete any data from the database so the connected sites and settings will stay)
  5. Go to the WP Admin > Plugins > Add New page and upload the newly downloaded version
  6. Activate the newly installed version

To update Beta 4 extensions, you can use the same process.

Release Schedule

VersionRelease Date
Beta 1.0May 21st, 2019
Beta 1.0.1May 22nd, 2019
Beta 1.0.2May 24th, 2019
Beta 1.1June 6th, 2019
Beta 1.2June 13th, 2019
Beta 2.0 (Public Release)June 18th, 2019
Beta 2.0.1June 20th, 2019