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Where will WordPress be in 2019?

What new projects would you want to try to use in WordPress? Common current examples of using WordPress for different site builds include brochure sites or e-commerce stores. You could also use WordPress for different sites types, using WordPress as a headless application, selling download licenses if you had a store which sold downloadable products. Both Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce could be used for selling download products (with a license needed). Other possible uses include using WordPress for powering a film festival site, to sell tickets, or for an events site where tickets are sold. Those type of WordPress

WordPress 5.0
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Sebastian Moran

How to make sure your child sites are ready for WordPress 5.0

With the WordPress 5.0 release less than two weeks away from being shipped, the release is going to be pushed back to be later than November 27, 2018. You need to make sure that your child sites have been updated to deal with the new version of WordPress. The major changes being the new default Gutenberg block editor. WordPress 5.0 release data has been pushed back due to certain issues, with issues found in the beta, and release candidate being delayed till 22nd November, to warrant more time for beta testing a major WordPress update. The Gutenberg default block editor

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