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Make your connections work for you with these four ways to find clients for your WordPress business


Finding clients for your freelance WordPress business Sometimes, getting new clients is as simple as being a little creative. I know how it feels sometimes. You are stuck. You need clients to pay the rent next month. You think that if you don’t get anything soon, you are going to be turning out the lights…

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Where will WordPress be in 2019?

What new projects would you want to try to use in WordPress? Common current examples of using WordPress for different site builds include brochure sites or e-commerce stores. You could also use WordPress for different sites types, using WordPress as a headless application, selling download licenses if you had a store which sold downloadable products.…

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Unusual ways to get clients for your WordPress business

In a perfect world, clients would just come to us, ready to have us build high yielding WordPress websites for a good, solid price. I mean, that is the ultimate in getting clients, right? And, for some WordPress developers, they have tapped into a steady stream of referrals. For most of us, the struggle is…

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