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Sebastian Moran

Why You Should Wait to Update to WooCommerce 4.0

WooCommerce 4.0 was released on the 10th March. It is a major new release and the two major changes are the merging of the WooCommerce Admin and updating the Action Scheduler to version 3.1. The WooCommerce Admin has existed as a featured plugin since April 2019. The WooCommerce Admin uses code now in WordPress 5.3 to be able to use React for powering some of the UI elements. The WooCommerce Admin uses a number of custom database tables in order to store the analytics data in those lookup tables in order to improve the reporting that is included in WooCommerce.

MainWP Extensions
Sebastian Moran

How and why you would want to use the MainWP Code Snippets Extension on your MainWP Dashboard

Code snippet is a small block of code which can be used to alter or make a change to a plugin function or to extend a plugin. For example, I would like additional fields to show for a customer on checkout, and I am using WooCommerce on a site. WordPress can be modified and improved in a number of ways by using code snippets on your connected child sites. The MainWP Code Snippets Extension for your MainWP Dashboard site is a way to execute code that would normally be in the form of updating the active themes functions.php file, or

remove gutenberg banner
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Bogdan Rapaic

How to hide the Gutenberg Banner from your child sites

WordPress 4.9.8 release, scheduled for July 31, 2018, will include a banner inviting website owners to try the new Gutenberg editing experience. This banner shows for all users with the back end access and each user needs to dismiss it individually. Hiding this banner on multiple sites can take you some time, however, MainWP Code Snippets Extension can come handy and save you some time. With the following snippet, you can hide the banner directly from your dashboard and hide it for all users. Code for removing Gutenberg Invite Banner Add the following information to your Code Snippets Extension and then

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