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How to Improve The Glance Admin Dashboard Widget

WordPress core includes a default dashboard widget called At a Glance. The dashboard widget will show the number of pages, WordPress version, if the site is public or not, and the active theme. If you are using a plugin like Disable Widgets on your child site to hide certain dashboard widgets, you will need to make sure the At a Glance (dashboard_right_now) is not disabled. Appearance > Disable Widgets > Dashboard Widgets First, install the Glance That plugin on your child sites. Glance That plugin will allow you to add many useful sections to the dashboard widget, including posts, custom

How to use Action Log for MainWP
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Sebastian Moran

Using the Activity Log for MainWP Extension

MainWP now has a very useful way to track changes made on both the MainWP Dashboard site, as well as tracking changes to connected child sites using Activity Log for MainWP extension. First, you will need to install the WP Security Audit Log plugin on all of the connected child sites, which is very easy to bulk install plugins on your MainWP Dashboard site. Next, you will need to install the Activity Log for MainWP extension on your MainWP Dashboard site. Once the Activity Log for MainWP extension has been installed, follow the setup wizard for which child sites where

MainWP on Vultr using Cloudways
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Why should you run your MainWP dashboard site on Vultr using Cloudways?

Cloudways is a solid option to use for WordPress site hosting. In this example, we are going to use it for hosting a MainWP dashboard site. You want to use a separate server for hosting your MainWP dashboard site, so that the server or servers you are using for your client/customer sites do not have to share resources. Go to login into Cloudways. From Servers. The cheapest-priced option is based on only 2GB of RAM. If you feel like you will need more RAM and server space, then you can go up a plan. Launch the server. Then it will

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