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Getting started with MainWP: Learning what you need to know

You are standing on the edge of a vast canyon. Maybe you are standing on something like the Grand Canyon. Taking that leap is difficult. What if I fall? What if I lose my balance? Why would I take the jump when it is safe here on the edge? No, I’m not thinking about the song Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, but I guess it fits. via GIPHY Maybe that’s what you are thinking right now about trying MainWP. I hear you. I am here to mitigate the risk. Today’s post will walk you through the things you

Plugin Feature Updates Gone Wrong
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Plugin Feature Updates Gone Wrong! Part Deux

WooCommerce is used to power very high-level e-commerce stores which use WordPress. It currently has over 4+ million active installs. WooCommerce has an upcoming release planned for April 11th, 2019, version 3.6. The new version will include a number of performance changes, which will help when used on your child site for e-commerce. One of the changes you can test in the most recent first release candidate is for showing extension suggestions in various places in wp-admin. The suggestion extension recommends notification can be disabled after a couple of clicks, but the same issue will happen the following month. By default, there is no

WordPress Business
Todd Jones

Taking advantage of MainWP security extensions to help secure your sites from the menacing zombies on the internet

What is your favorite scary movie? How did it make you feel to watch the movie? I remember when the movie The Blair Witch Project came out. It was creepy. There were no zombies in the movie, but an urban legend about a witch. Word is, the filming concluded on Halloween. I remember as I watched to movie thinking to myself, anyone who has ever camped out hears noises, yet they were freaking out. There are lots of noises in the silence. via GIPHY Sometimes, the more we panic, the worse we get scared. It is important to be alert,

MainWP Favorites Extension

No more searching around or trying to remember the name of all the plugins and themes that you use on a regular basis! The MainWP Favorites Extension allows you to store frequently used plugins and themes for quick and easy installation on a site.  In addition, since those favorites are stored locally on your Dashboard and DOES NOT use the Favorites API so your privacy is maintained. The Favorites Extension even allows you to group your plugins and themes based on any criteria you want. Say that you use a different set of plugins or a different theme for sites

MainWP Opens it’s Doors to Third Party Developers

Soon after MainWP had been created, we began to realize just how diverse user needs and requirements can be. While MainWP ships with more features and options than any other WordPress management suite available on the market we do understand there will still be requests for new functionality based on creative niches in each market. As part of our never-ending quest for value and customer satisfaction MainWP’s authors are proud to announce the exciting addition of the MainWP Codex. The Codex and supporting documents are available to any user, and users are encouraged to use the core MainWP functionality to further extend

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