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Blowing the Bloody Doors Off!
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Sebastian Moran

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off!

Screen acting legend and all round top dude Michael Caine recently published a new book, which includes many amazing life lessons. The lessons can be applied to WordPress, clients and client projects. Using the Difficulty During a negative situation, “Using the Difficulty” is when you look hard, and find something positive within the problem. For example, if a client project did not quite work out the way you intended it to, take the positive elements from it and learn what did go well and how those lessons learned can be applied for future projects. If you make a mistake, learn

WordPress wisdom from Gremlins
Sebastian Moran

Life Lessons and WordPress Wisdom from Gremlins

Warning: This post may contain Gremlins. With Christmas around the corner, one of the classic Christmas movies is still Gremlins (1984), a mid-eighties mix of comedy and horror, set with a very Christmas theme. With the film’s mix of Frank Capra and Speilbergisms, the setting is a riff of Bedford Falls from It’s a Wonderful Life, even if it does look like the back-lot of Universal Studios. The film is a classic mix of director Joe Dante’s best work and an amazing soundtrack by the late Jerry Goldsmith. Here are the top five life lessons from Gremlins that apply to

Lessons from Christmas movies
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Todd Jones

Things we can learn from the top Christmas movies of all time

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie list. So, you know, there are tons of opinions on what the best movies at Christmas are going to be. I’m not going to give you a list, but I am going to give you some lessons we can learn from some of the best Christmas movies (yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie!) It takes all year to get here, but it seems to finish in a flash, there is no time to waste! So, let’s get to it. From a villain to hero One thing we can see in A Christmas Carol

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