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How to enable Varnish on a Cloudways Hosted Child Site for WooCommerce

Enable Varnish on a Cloudways Hosted Child Site for WooCommerce

Varnish is a fast server-side web application accelerator. A number of Managed WordPress and other hosts already have Varnish installed and make it easy to enable on your child sites. In this example, we are going to show how easy it is using Cloudways for enabling Varnish on your child site (which is using WooCommerce),…

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Why Multisite is a Waste of Time

Is WordPress Multisite a Waste of Time

If you use MainWP for managing your child sites, you already have a way to update plugins, themes, and push different code changes to those sites without having to deal with multisite performance issues. Multisite allows many subsites to share common plugins and themes. In addition, all sites will end up sharing the same database…

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How we made the MainWP site fast!

WordPress Optimization

Why is the hosting so import? The MainWP site is hosted on Cloudways using Vultr for the infrastructure data center server. Without solid hosting, no matter the amount of site optimization is going to improve being hosted on subpar servers. After hosting, where to start? This is what the MainWP site was loading in GTMetrix results…

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How to use SendGrid on your MainWP dashboard site

SendGrid offers a free plan which provides 40,000 emails a month, which should be more than enough for most MainWP dashboard sites. Using a transactional email provider like SendGrid, SparkPost or SendinBlue. SendGrid free plan Go to After you have signed up for a free plan you will be in the main app. On…

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