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Using the Stop Spammers Plugin to Fight Comment Spam

If you have comments enabled in the form of comments on posts on a site, or if you have reviews enabled in WooCommerce, spam can be a major issue. There is a solid and easy-to-use plugin to stop spam on your child site, called Stop Spammers. After you have installed and activated the plugin on your child site, it will add an admin menu called Stop Spammers. The sections that will show under that admin menu are broken down as follows: Summary: This checks to see if there may be problems from your current incoming IP address and displays a

Clean Your Child Site of Spam Comments
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Sebastian Moran

How to Clean Your Child Site of Spam Comments

If you have a child site which has post content and comments enabled, it is a fact of life that you will inevitably deal with spam comments. Luckily, there are a number of ways to deal with spam. Some of the plugin options include Akismet and  Antispam Bee. Antispam Bee Antispam Bee will add a setting section under Settings > Antispam Bee You can find more information about Antispam Bee on their docs. There is a bulk setting key for Antispam Bee, which also means the number of days until existing spam is deleted can be easily set, using the