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Plugin Feature Updates Gone Wrong
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Sebastian Moran

Plugin Feature Updates Gone Wrong

Two major, well-known WordPress plugins have recently implemented certain changes which have not gone down well with the WordPress community. Jetpack in version 7.1, made a change with Jetpack active when you go to /wp-admin/ Plugins > Add New If a Jetpack module has similar features to the plugin keyword you are searching for, the first result will be the Jetpack module. The Jetpack PR shows the original proof of concept of the plugin suggestion feature. If you already have Jetpack active, then you would use a module which is already available in Jetpack, instead of installing another plugin. The

Testing WooCommerce Updates
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Sebastian Moran

Using the MainWP Staging Extension for Testing WooCommerce Updates

With the breaking changes for WooCommerce if running versions earlier than 3.5.x due to WordPress 5.x release, now is the time to create a staging site. A staging site can be used to test the active theme updates, the WooCommerce-related plugins, and the WooCommerce plugin. Creating a staging site allows you to test plugin updates without having to cause issues on the live child site. In the case of child sites using WooCommerce for e-commerce, this can mean a live site going down and causing a loss in revenue. The old mantra rings true for WooCommerce: Update on staging Test

Take a Vacation, Updates Are on Us!

Keeping WordPress core, plugins and themes up to date is the best way to make your sites safe and secure, but what happens when life gets busy and you just don’t have enough time to worry about updates.  What if you are on vacation and you don’t have a partner with the technical experience or know how to run those updates? Are you willing to risk your sites or your client’s sites safety? Not to worry, you don’t have to! The Dev team at MainWP is proud to present you our Auto Update System. After listening to our users needs, we determined

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