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The September 2019 edition of the World of WordPress including Automattic and much more

In this month’s World of WordPress we talk about the latest acquisitions by Automattic, Jeff Chandler’s move away from WP Tavern, the new Yoast Care program, development environments, and WP Beginner’s accelerator. Just like WordPress news, the summer has been hot! Let’s ride. Automattic acquires two companies Automattic continues to expand its influence by acquiring two companies in the past month. First, they acquired Tumblr in a move that got a lot of attention. I’m sure they have something in mind for the “micro” blogging platform. In recent years, Tumblr has bounced around first to Yahoo! then to Verizon who

Handy Code Snippets for the Yoast SEO Plugin
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Handy Code Snippets for the Yoast SEO Plugin on your Child Sites

Yoast SEO is a well-known, easy-to-use plugin for SEO. Yoast SEO has a number of code snippets that can be saved to limit or disable specific functions. MainWP has an amazing extension for code snippets, which easily allows you to apply code snippets to your child sites. We have taken the time to save out a number of handy code snippets for Yoast SEO into the code snippets GitHub repo. A common bug in Yoast SEO is when you update the plugin, it can redirect to the about page and tour page. You can use this code snippet so this

WordPress 5.0
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How to make sure your child sites are ready for WordPress 5.0

With the WordPress 5.0 release less than two weeks away from being shipped, the release is going to be pushed back to be later than November 27, 2018. You need to make sure that your child sites have been updated to deal with the new version of WordPress. The major changes being the new default Gutenberg block editor. WordPress 5.0 release data has been pushed back due to certain issues, with issues found in the beta, and release candidate being delayed till 22nd November, to warrant more time for beta testing a major WordPress update. The Gutenberg default block editor

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Five SEO trends to watch in 2019 and Yoast launches recalibration project

November is here. We have passed the spooky time and headed towards the end of the year. It’s time to think about next year. Most likely, we should have been thinking about that last month. But, life happens, you know. One of the things I find interesting is changes to SEO in 2019. Predicting trends is always an exercise is an educated guess based on directions. So, what can we find regarding trends in 2019 with SEO? I’m going to discuss the trends shortly, but first I am going to talk about other search engine optimization news. Yoast’s recalibration The Yoast

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