Using the TrueMail Email Validator Plugin and Service on your Child Sites

Dealing with form submissions from fake or misspelled email addresses can be a pain to have to deal with. If you are using a form plugin that has integrations setup on it then you have to deal with deleting the form entry as well a deleting the form submission which went into a 3rd party service.

But there is an easy to use service which now has a WordPress plugin which is TrueMail. First, you will need to install and the plugin and then create an account in TrueMail.

After you have created an account in TrueMail you will need to create a new API application. Once the API app has been created click on the name of the app to get the API key. Within the child site go to;

Settings > TrueMail Email Validator

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In the TrueMail settings page copy in the API key, set the timeout (default is set as 15 seconds), you can also accept role-based emails along with accepting disposable email address.

You can check on TrueMail usage in the TrueMail site. To get analytics data for your app in TrueMail you will need to click on the name of the app and then click on the statistic tab.

Pricing for TrueMail is $7 for 1,000 email verifications, $29 for 5,000 email verification or $99 for up to 25,000 email verifications. TrueMail can be used on a free plan which comes with 1,000 credit for email verifications. How TrueMail works and how long an email verification can take are explained in the linked FAQ.

TrueMail service with the plugin uses the is_email() function which means it will work with a whole range of form plugins and other plugins such as;

Contact Form
Gravity Forms
Mailster Form
Ninja Forms
Profile Builder
Users Ultra registration form
Ultimate Member registration form
JetPack comments and a contact form
Visual Form Builder
Theme My Login
Paid Membership Pro

TrueMail is an easy to use service which makes it possible to verify emails on-site forms or other plugins where email verification would be a harder matter to deal with.

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