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November roundup
WordPress Business
Todd Jones

November Roundup: Do the Woo, WordPress Awards, an in-person WordCamp

Not sure if you have noticed, but the calendar hit November this week. What happened? Just the other day we will enter a new year in the COVID era trying to navigate. We’ve seen the ups and downs. We have seen acquisitions and we have seen plenty of virtual summits. Now, November is here and it feels like we have two months of holidays. I urge you not to forget Thanksgiving! Be thankful. Of course, our Canadian friends have already celebrated Thanksgiving. When it’s the end of the year, we start to see things like Black Friday, Cyber Monday specials.

WordPress Black Friday 2021
Mustaasam Saleem

Best WordPress Black Friday Deals for 2021

This is the time of the year 2021 when everyone is looking for the biggest deals on their favorite WordPress plugins, themes, hosting, and services. And… you are already aware that we didn’t run any Black Friday campaign before as we believe the MainWP is already providing the best value for money comparing the other WordPress management plugins in the industry. But… considering the fact that many businesses are going through hard times, we at MainWP decided to offer something special to our agency, developer, and freelancer users to grow their business on the lowest budget possible. Besides the MainWP

Tips & Tricks
Sebastian Moran

What Data Does WooCommerce Usage Tracking Send

WooCommerce can send a bunch of site data out if usage tracking is enabled on your site. This might have been enabled when your first setup WooCommerce on your site when you used the setup wizard. An example of some of the site data that is being sent out when WooCommerce usage tracking is enabled; Site URL Admin email address Active payment gateways Active shipping methods Activated plugins in list form MySQL version PHP version PHP Settings, such as maximum post size, maximum input vars, if suhosin is enabled, if cURL, SOAP and fSock are enabled Template overrides Theme Total

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