November Roundup: Do the Woo, WordPress Awards, an in-person WordCamp

November roundup

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Not sure if you have noticed, but the calendar hit November this week.

What happened?

Just the other day we will enter a new year in the COVID era trying to navigate.

We’ve seen the ups and downs. We have seen acquisitions and we have seen plenty of virtual summits.

Now, November is here and it feels like we have two months of holidays.

I urge you not to forget Thanksgiving! Be thankful. Of course, our Canadian friends have already celebrated Thanksgiving.

When it’s the end of the year, we start to see things like Black Friday, Cyber Monday specials. We might see an old friend rebrand to look new.

We also look for end-of-the-year awards.

We have all of that in this month’s Roundup.

Saddle up. Let’s ride!

WordPress Awards

The WP Weekly – Starts voting

Davinder told me that on day one the awards for WordPress garnered over 1,000 votes. It definitely has people’s attention (vote for MainWP!).

Four major players in the WordPress space signed up to be GOLD sponsors. Voting is open until November 30.

There are 22 categories of all things WordPress to vote on.

Monster’s Awards

Template Monster also decided to run WordPress awards by awarding what they call the Monster’s Awards. Voting is available through December 1st.

Template Monster (TM) has 13 categories to vote on. It appears that TM is using this as a way to award WordPress brands outside of the normal sponsored Top ten lists, etc.

TM decided not to use Templates in the awards to avoid any bias. It will be fascinating to see how TM’s awards end and how they compare with The WP Weekly.

New Do the Woo


Every now and again, a brand needs a new look and more. I guess that’s what Bob Dunn was thinking when he decided to rebrand Do the Woo.

The popular WooCommerce community and podcast launched a brand new look this past week.

In true Bob Dunn fashion, he hopped on the mic to tell more about the rebrand.

“Pretty excited about this new redesign, the rebrand. This has been a project in the works for over three months with the agency that I hired to do this. Prior to that, of course, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it was time to make this move. I needed somebody to come in; fresh ideas, a perspective from the developer side of things and build some than for this community. It was time to move back the BobWP brand, it’s been around a long time and I needed something new and fresh.”  Source

Heavy hitter WebDevStudios is the agency that handled the redesign.

On November 4th, Bob had Christina Workman on the show to talk about the redesign/build of the website.

First WordCamp in person

It has been a long, long time since there has been an in-person WordCamp. It feels like a decade really, but it has been a little over a year.

Well, WordCamp Birmingham will be the first one to meet in person again. It’s fitting they will be the first to meet again because organizer and Speaker Wrangler Nathan Ingram says it is one of the longest-running WordCamp dating back to 2008.

The WordCamp will be held February 4-5, 2022 at the Sidewalk Cinema in Birmingham.

#WPYALL – The Oldest WordCamp in the Southeast [screenshot]

WordCamp Birmingham
WordCamp Birmingham

They really embrace the Southeast theme.

Of course, WordCamp Birmingham is looking for speakers if that’s your thing.

Or, could just load up the care and make the trip to one of the neatest cities in the South to join other WordPress professionals.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday lists, etc

WordPress Black Friday 2021
See the MainWP Black Friday Page

The following are links for submissions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Michelle Frechette is rounding them up on Twitter and sent them to me. So many people. At the end of this section is her Twitter thread.

Currently, we have a page that Mustaasam has put together.

I will be on the lookout for places that aren’t WordPress as well because we like different kinds of things.


Post Status

WP Builds Submit

WP Builds Live Black Friday Page

The WP Weekly

A running Twitter thread of various deals from Gobinda Tarafdar

Get Ellipses

World of WP

WP Mayor

Twitter thread from Michelle Frechette with more deals.

Mustaasam has created a MainWP page with several deals that are already available and will update moving forward.

Bookmark our page today!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Revenue

Speaking of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Weglot has decided to donate 50% of what it earns through those days to charity. They will not, in fact, be running specials on those days, but they are using it for good.

In an article about the idea,

“So, on 26 and 29 November, if you purchase a Weglot plan or make an upgrade, 50% of all sales made will be donated to the causes mentioned above and you’ll be participating in supporting a number of worthwhile causes this year.”  Source

Other Articles

Why I’m Building Plugin Machine – Josh Pollock

Best Data Sanitization Secure Guide For The WordPress Site – Max Denysenko

The first WordPress agency to accept Cryptocurrency payment? – The WP Minute
Read Matt’s interview with Lisa Sabin-Wilson about WebDev Studios being paid with Cryptocurrency

MainWP Web Care Survey

MainWP Web Care Survey

We are doing a MainWP Web Care Survey (website maintenance). I am curious about a lot of different things for those who do site maintenance.

Since MainWP provides you with the biggest toolset to do your job, then we should be the ones doing the survey.

The survey doesn’t take too long. You can find the survey here.

We would love your feedback!

Wrapping it up

What are you most looking to in the final two months of the year? Are you planning a rebrand?

Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

Also, don’t forget to fill out the MainWP Web Care Survey.

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