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Retired Extensions

Why retire an Extension?

We are constantly reviewing our products, and from time to time, we may retire an Extension that no longer fits into our business philosophy or is replaced by a similar Extension with better functionality.

This allows us to streamline our Extension offerings and also helps us to focus on and develop current and future Extensions that our customers are waiting for.

What happens with a retired Extension?

Once we retire an Extension, that means we no longer offer it to new users, and there will be no more updates to the Extension other than security issues or fatal errors.

Note: If an Extension you purchased is retired it will continue to work. It just will not be updated.

Support for retired Extensions

Support will continue as normal for three months from retirement after that support will be limited to security issues or fatal errors. If you run into one of those two issues, please open a support ticket.

Complete list of Extensions we have retired to date:

  • BackUpWordPress August 2020
  • Spinner – January 2020
  • Broken Links Checker – January 2020
  • Links Manager – August 2019
  • BlogVault – February 2019
  • InMotion Hosting – February 2019
  • Remote Backups – 2016
  • Heatmaps – October 2015
  • Content – December 2014

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