MainWP Exclusives

Exclusives are special discounts only available to MainWP users and not the general public.

At MainWP we like to think of our users as family and just like you would with your family we want to get them the best deals possible.  Our goal with MainWP Exclusives is to allow any business who wants to work with our family an opportunity to offer an exclusive discount available only to MainWP users.


inmotion-logoInMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers one year of free Pro Plan Business Hosting to a MainWP users.


Blogvault has made the very generous offer through their MainWP Extension of 25% off their normal prices.

wpfixit-logoWP Fix It

WP Fix it offers a $5 discount for all service costs through their MainWP Extension.

Provide an exclusive discount to MainWP users today!

The Target Audience

Partnering with MainWP puts your company in front of thousands of WordPress entrepreneurs who control hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites.

The Terms

There is only one requirement to becoming a MainWP partner is that is you offer a discount to MainWP users that can not be found anywhere else.

We do not ask for any payment including an affiliate payment in order for you to participate.

Want to offer a coupon? How we help ensure only MainWP users have it.

We are able to help ensure your discount is only going to MainWP users by requiring them to install a MainWP Extension on their MainWP Dashboard, an Extension is small WordPress plugin that can only be used in conjunction with an active MainWP Dashboard.

The InMotion Hosting Extension is an example of a coupon only Extension.   In this case InMotion Hosting sent us a file containing active coupons then we then created an Extension that is able to query our database for those coupons.  We also built in checks and balances to ensure coupons are not given to more than one user and that each user is only able to get one coupon.

If you are simply offering a coupon to MainWP users we will build a custom extension for distributing the coupons.


  • You must provide a discount that is exclusive to MainWP members
  • No Payments to MainWP
  • We build your custom coupon Extension

Contact us to provide an exclusive offer!