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Life Lessons and WordPress Wisdom from Gremlins

WordPress wisdom from Gremlins

Warning: This post may contain Gremlins. With Christmas around the corner, one of the classic Christmas movies is still Gremlins (1984), a mid-eighties mix of comedy and horror, set with a very Christmas theme. With the film’s mix of Frank Capra and Speilbergisms, the setting is a riff of Bedford Falls from It’s a Wonderful…

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How to make sure your child sites are ready for WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0

With the WordPress 5.0 release less than two weeks away from being shipped, the release is going to be pushed back to be later than November 27, 2018. You need to make sure that your child sites have been updated to deal with the new version of WordPress. The major changes being the new default…

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Blockbuster announcements and Gutenberg update


There have been a few announcements of recent weeks that have made quite an impact in the WordPress space. Today we discuss a few of those including a Gutenberg update, a major WordPress company acquisition, and the announcement of a WordCamp US location. So, if you are ready to ride, then hop on. Giddy up…

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WordPress Podcast Roundup for May 2018

WordPress Podcast Roundup

In today’s podcast roundup, we look at Mission statements at Kitchen Sink WP, the many lives of Rand Fishkin from WP-Tonic, and Philadelphia WordPress developer Ebonie Butler who appears on Hallway Chats. Saddle up as we ride through the WordPress Podcast Roundup. WordPress Podcast Roundup Podcast E219 – Should you have a Mission Statement? – Kitchen…

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Don’t let the GDPR sink you! GDPR Roundup


GDPR. That’s all people seem to be talking about. I guess the promise of hefty fines will create all kinds of emotions. So, where does that leave WordPress professionals? It is definitely something we should take note of for our clients. One UK developer said he had field almost a dozen calls in a week…

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WordPress Roundup: How the GDPR effects your WordPress business

Featured Image: WordPress Roundup

In this month’s WordPress Roundup, we are taking a look at Gutenberg, GDPR, Theme Frameworks and learning more about Thin Content from Yoast. Buckle up! Let’s ride. April 2018 WordPress Roundup My Gutenberg Experience Thus Far – WP Tavern Are you ready for Gutenberg? One of the most anticipated new features for WordPress, Gutenberg is…

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