Eric Lammers

Since 2001, our core service has been website design and development. However, a smart business expands its services. Since we build websites, it was a natural addition to add maintenance packages or care plans. I very much prefer the self-hosted solutions for tools that we use, so I was thrilled when I came across MainWP way back in April of 2015.

It didn’t take long for us to set it up and really take advantage of the remote power. We put together some maintenance plan options and sold a few straight away. The tool paid for itself very quickly.

Every business day, I open 2 websites first thing. My webmail and our site with the MainWP installation. I run the sync, review needed updates, and go through my routine. MainWP makes it so easy for our team to remotely manage our clients. It’s a huge time saver and great monitoring tool. I have no desire or need to even look at any of the MainWP competition. I have what I need, and it just works.

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