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Why your WordPress management should never be a SaaS (Software as a Service)

Are you sharing all the important information about your websites or your clients sites by voluntarily allowing others to gather and store that information on their servers?

If your WordPress management solution is run off a server you don't control then that is exactly what you are doing!

Do you really know what information they are gathering and storing? Are they gathering stats, keywords, profitable niches?

It is our belief that with WordPress management solutions that are hosted on the developer's servers (SaaS) or contain encrypted code that you can never truly know how that information is being used or even what information about your sites is being gathered and stored.

Ask yourself what happens to all that information if it is sold, if your management solution is sold or worse yet if your management company decides to exploit what they have gathered.

You never have to worry about that with MainWP! As a self-hosted solution, you install the MainWP Dashboard plugin on your WordPress site and not on our private server. And with fully auditable, open source code you can be sure we do not track or keep any information about your Child sites. We encourage you to review the code for yourself via GitHub.

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Always Free with MainWP

  • Manage Unlimited WordPress Sites
  • 1-Click Admin Access
  • Manage Plugins and Themes
  • Abandoned plugin check
  • Multiple Backup Choices
  • Security Checks and Hardening
  • User Management
  • Privately Host on your own server
  • Search Engine Discovery Protection
  • Content Management
  • Uptime Monitoring

Get More with a MainWP Membership

Simple straightforward pricing. As a MainWP member you get every Extension we offer without being charged per site, per upgrade or per advanced feature.

The MainWP Extension library currently includes over 35 Extensions for advanced features and popular plugin integrations.

Access to our exclusive Bulk Settings Manager that gives you the ability to manage the settings of almost any WordPress Plugin or Theme directly from your MainWP Dashboard!

Enhance your MainWP Dashboard with additional features

Browse our catalog of MainWP Extensions for backups, marketing, SEO, maintenance, security, monitoring and other tools to help you build a better network. MainWP Extensions are WordPress plugins that seamlessly integrate with your MainWP Dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MainWP Plugin

MainWP is a suite of open source self-hosted WordPress Management plugins for users that have multiple WordPress sites and want to be able to control them from one central location. This includes sites on different hosts or servers.
Once you have connected your sites (called Child sites) to your Dashboard you can do most anything from your MainWP Dashboard that you would be able to do from your Child sites wp-admin.
MainWP is 100% free and is the only open source, GPL compliant, self-hosted WordPress management solution. Which means you have the ability to review all the code and see exactly what it is doing.
We make money by selling Extensions
The MainWP Dashboard plugin is hosted on your own WordPress install and not on our private server. We do not keep any information to do with your network of child sites on our servers. Read more on this
The MainWP plugin contains Network Discovery Protection which hides the MainWP Child plugin folder making it virtually impossible for anyone to know your using MainWP on your Child sites. Read more on this

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