Q&A with WordPress Professional Erin Flynn

Q&A with Erin Flynn

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Talking to Erin about things such as tools, the future of WordPress, and why she started teaching her training system.

It is no secret that I love to hear people’s stories. I love to hear how entrepreneurs overcome adversity. I wrote a whole series of blog posts in 2016 called Entrepreneur Stories. This series did two things for me. First, it allowed me to connect. In most of these situations, I was reconnecting. I enjoyed being able to connect and ask some questions of influencers such as Shama Hyder and Samantha Hartley as well as Santa Claus himself.

The second thing it did, it helped me to learn a little more about their story. Stories are powerful. They can teach us how to overcome, inspire us, and motivate us to be better people and better entrepreneurs.

Such was the case when I listened to Erin Flynn interviewed on a podcast. She shared her story on how she got started in website design. Flynn used her skills to create documented a process to flourish as a website designer.

These days, you will find Erin being a business coach to other website designers. Through her successful Unstoppable Basecamp training, she helps other designers with topics such as firing a client, how to create welcome and intro packets, determine pricing, get testimonies that make an impact and much more. She also runs a successful Facebook Group with over 1500 members.

Erin is a supporter and trainer of website professionals, and you will find her in a lot of pictures with a beautiful Colorado backdrop.

Flynn is a vital part of the Genesis Framework community, but her influence is more than in one area. Her newest project she is a community just for women in the website world.

The community is a safe place where you can ask questions, vent frustrations, and make mistakes. We have your back, and we want you to succeed.

I had the privilege to ask Erin a few questions and get her thoughts about things such as tools, the future of WordPress, and why she started teaching her training system.

Q & A with Erin Flynn

What book had the biggest impact on your career?

Erin Flynn
Erin Flynn

Start With Why by Simon Sinek–I’m actually only halfway through, but it’s already making me rethink how I approach my business! Instead of the focus on selling, which I got sucked into, I’m reworking WHY I’m doing what I’m doing which will build a much better community.

What kinds of tools/apps do you use to keep yourself on pace?

I love Freedcamp for staying organized and keeping track of what I’m working on. Whether it’s a client project, workshop I’m creating, or anything else, Freedcamp helps me stay organized and get things done!

What is your best advice to entrepreneurs for overcoming adversity?

Keep going! Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible.

How do you want to see WordPress improve?

I think WordPress is still intimidating to some people when it comes to editing their websites. Things like Beaver Builder are making it a lot more user-friendly, but I’d like to see it go even further!

What do you see in the future of the WordPress ecosystem?
I think WP is likely to move to a page-builder-esque function. Which, they’re starting with Gutenberg. I think this will make WordPress easier for the end users, and empower site owners to use their websites in new ways.

What was the thing that made you start your teaching and training system? 
I found that my web design clients were firing their previous designers/developers due to lack of communication and organization, despite the fact that they were very talented (more talented than me, to be honest). I figured that if I could help these designers/developers with their systems and communication, they would excel in their businesses!

What was the best piece of advice you ever received in life and business?

When someone says something is impossible, they mean it’s impossible for them. That doesn’t make it impossible for you.

What does the future look like for WordPress? 

I think WordPress will get a lot easier to use in the next few years–and continue to dominate the web as the best CMS!


Erin Flynn will be your biggest fan if you are a website designer or developer. She is just made that way. In fact, Erin would tell you that you are “Unstoppable.”

If you want to find out more about Erin, check out her website and the page where she has been interviewed across the internet for podcasts as well as a video from her WordCamp presentation.

Thanks Erin for taking the time to answer our questions. Thanks for being Unstoppable.

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